Window Treatment Tips

Window Treatment Tips for Casement Windows

Casement windows are a traditional style of window, found in older-style houses.

They are usually quite deep-set, and open outwards, so curtains positioned right inside the frame are ideal.

These will only be short curtains, ending at the sill, so if you want an elegant and dramatic statement for your room, choose floor length curtains, used as well as, or instead of, the inset curtains. These should be positioned on the outside of the frame.

Window Treatment Tips for Sash Windows

Sash windows are incredibly sought-after period windows, found in older, historic properties.

They are an attractive feature for the room, in their own right, so try to make sure that your window dressing enhances the window.

Mount your curtains outside the frame, and well above the frame, to make sure that your curtains will not hide any of this attractive feature.

Also consider swags or a valance, to nicely draw attention to this type of window frame.

Window Treatment Tips for Modern Picture Windows

These are the types of windows which are usual in modern homes. There is plenty of glass in this style of window, so choose a quality lining to your curtain, to keep your room well insulated.

Modern window frames don't really make much of a feature in their own right (unless you have a fantastic view!), so a 'generous' window treatment will be best.

Use plenty of fabric, hung outside the window frame. Choose floor-length curtains, to enhance the feature and make your window look more elegant.

If your picture windows adjoin a door, so long as there is a little wall space in between, it usually looks best to treat the door and window separately, and consider having two different length curtains.

Window Treatment Tips for Long Horizontal Windows


These are quite common in modern homes. They have quite unusual proportions, so need careful thought, to help correct the proportions in the room.

Positioning the curtain track or pole quite a distance above the top of the window can help these windows look taller. You should choose floor length curtains to help with this too.

As an alternative, especially if your windows are deep-set, try shorter curtains, set inside the frame.

For a really modern option, choose roman blinds, or venetian blinds, sat inside the frames, with full length, dress curtains (that means that curtains are just there for show, and don't get drawn), on the outside of the frame, at both sides.

Window Treatment Tips for Corner Windows


For two windows that meet in the corner, with no space in between, use one pair of curtains, and mount the curtain tracks or poles above the frames, so that they meet in the corner. (Some very neat cutting and mitring may be necessary). When they are open, each single curtain should hang at the outer edge.

If you prefer, you could fit floor length dress curtains at each outer edge, then fit roller, roman or venetian blinds to each window. In this case, take care how the inner corner will work and meet together nicely, without leaving a gap.

It will rarely look good to have curtains hanging in the central corner when open, but if you think it will be a good look for you, then why not just go for it?

Window treatment tips

Window Treatment Tips for Casement windows

Casement windows are a traditional style of window, found in older-style houses.They are usually quite deep-set, and open outwards,...
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