Window Treatment

There was a time when a window was but an opening in a house; something that allowed the sun to come in and also provided ventilation. The fact that the window itself was just a very functional aspect of homes meant that window treatments (were they even called that in those times?) were nothing to speak about and typically consisted of some cloth thrown over the windows to cover them. How times have changed……….

In today’s times, although windows still maintain their functionality, they are so much more. A window, especially one that has been done up with beautiful custom window treatments, can be a very decorative aspect of your home. Window treatments have certainly come a long way from the regular drapes or covers that were put on windows.

At one time, a custom window treatment was considered to be something that only the very rich people could afford. As they lived in stately homes and had gorgeous views outside their windows, it was perhaps right that their windows deserved to be treated in a special manner. But no more: Today, a window treatment can even be used for windows that do not have that great a view outside of it.

Aesthetically done window treatments can take the gaze away from an unpleasant view by making you focus on the treatment instead. Thus, you not only have to not contend with distasteful sights, but you have something which will keep the sun out of your eyes every morning!

As mentioned previously, there are many types of window treatments available nowadays.

Kinds of window treatments.

These are perhaps the best type of window treatment if you want to minimize the light entering your home. Blinds have either horizontal or vertical slats, which are connected to each other to make up the blind. You need to pull on a cord to open and shut the blinds. In addition to blinds that have slats, there is another kind of blind known as woven blinds which are made of woven fabric and roll up and down.

As the name suggests, shutters are window treatments that have separate panels, which either fold into themselves or can be slid on tracks. They are perfect for windows that have arches. If you want to cover up only the lower portion of your window and not the entire window, you can go in for café shutters, which are made expressly for this reason.

Those window treatments that make use of a spring system or pull cords, to raise and lower the covering over your window are known as shades. A certain kind of shade, known as roller shades, rolls up the window such that you will not even know that it is there.
In addition to the above; curtains, drapes, valances, and cornices are some of the other kinds of window treatments that can help to make your windows beautiful.



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